#IAmNewIndia: Contribute towards building a ‘New India’ of your dreams

#IAmNewIndia: Contribute towards building a ‘New India’ of your dreams


India is transforming powered by the strength of citizens. PM Modi has given the clarion call to build a ‘New India’ and several people are supporting it. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India was marching from "Swaraj to Su-raj" and urged the 125 crore people to contribute towards creating a "New India".


New India is neither a government project nor a manifesto of a political party. It is the joint call and desire of 125 crore Indians to transform India.


"Everything is not linked to the budget or government funds. If every citizen pledges to be more responsible, performs his duties, then this dream of a new and transformed India can be easily realised," PM Modi said.


Calling for continuing the war against corruption and black money, Modi said, "Within two months of its launch, there had been 1.5 crore downloads of BHIM app, this is commendable.... If 125 crore citizens make a resolution, then we can achieve the target of 2.5 crore digital transactions within six months and not wait for a year."


"Just make sure you submit school fee of your children, do railway or airline bookings and other transactions through the digital mode," he added.


You could support too by taking the pledge on the ‘Narendra Modi Mobile App’ and contribute towards building a New India. Just have a look:






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