Rajat Sharma calls Kejriwal “Manufacturing Defect from IIT", IITians loved it

Rajat Sharma calls Kejriwal “Manufacturing Defect from IIT", IITians loved it


Rajat Sharma, who is the founder of India TV and one of the reputed journo of India. He is seen as someone who has guts to call a spade a spade. It’s been over 21 years Rajat Sharma has been hosting AAP Ki Adalat and we have seen his non-biased and bold questions he has asked different politicians. We still remember the way he asked tough questions from Arvind Kejriwal and ripped him apart when he came to his show "AAP KI ADALAT".


After Kejriwal's big fall in Goa and Punjab elections, Rajat Sharma went to IIT Kanpur to motivate the students. While giving the speech, he started giving an example of Kejriwal. He said, "Kejriwal is one of the rare manufacturing defect from IIT."


"We are grateful to the techies and engineers who were studying at IIT and to those who have passed out and have brought laurels to the country through their work. But, there are exceptions! Yes, exceptions like Arvind Kejriwal who have made us question the credibility of IIT," he said.


"Kejriwal wants to send everyone to prison – from media persons to the Badals, and therefore, he wanted to know from the professors as to what they exactly taught him," Sharma added.


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