1 Teacher, 30 Poor Students & 1 Mission: IIT ENTRANCE!

1 Teacher, 30 Poor Students & 1 Mission: IIT ENTRANCE!


Have you ever heard of the Super 30? Now, if you’re hoping for a new superhero movie by Marvel or DC, you might be in for disappointment. They’re superheroes, but humans! Confused?


Super 30 is a group of 30 economically backward students who crack IIT JEE every year. Their success rate is so high that they have been admired all over the world.


This year’s IIT JEE results in which 28 of the 30 students of the institute cracked the exam came as no surprise.


In the past nine years, 240 of 270 students of the institute made their way to various IITs across the country. Children whose parents are daily-wage workers, farmers and migrant workers are among the ones who cracked one of the toughest exams in the country.


Anand Kumar, founder of the institute attributes the success to hard work and sincerity of students. Students have to pass an exam to get into Super 30 and not only coaching, but food and stay are also free at Super 30. “I am the first person in my family to have continued my study. My father is not even aware as to what I have done, though he always encouraged me,” Basant Kumar, one of the successful candidates was quoted by The Indian Express.


The institute stands as proof that with proper guidance students from poor background can also make it top elite institutes. 


Anand Kumar


How did it all begin?


Anand had a spark for Mathematics at an early age and founded Ramanujan School of Mathematics as a club in 1992 while he was still an undergraduate.


In 1994, he got a chance to study in the prestigious Cambridge University, but his financial condition didn’t allow him to go.


This led Anand to decide to coach a small group of students for different competitive exams for a meagre amount and ones who couldn’t afford that also were welcome.


With his brother’s help, he tailored the programme for meritorious students and thus under the banner of Ramanujan School of Mathematics, Super 30 was born. 


In 2003, the first year of Super 30, 18 students cracked IIT JEE. The numbers rose steadily and in 2008 it hit the dream figure of 30/30. Anand and Super 30 repeated the fate again in 2008 and 2009.


Anand doesn’t take any donations for Super30 and finds money to run the programme from additional tuitions. Aren’t they better than the superheroes you were hoping to read on?




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