Deepika's Brand's New Commercial Is Your Weekend Motivation Dose. Here's Why!

Deepika's Brand's New Commercial Is Your Weekend Motivation Dose. Here's Why!


Feminine, carefree and courageous - these three words describe the latest video launched by Deepika Padukone for her fashion brand called- All About You.


What technically is a brand venture, in association with Myntra, is packaged with different characteristics of a women. The theme lies with the concept of "You are with you". An inspiration and a perfect mid-week motivation, the video revolves around the fact that you are your biggest strength and can conquer anything you want.


The video takes one through lives of three women in which they are shown living lives and experiencing situations with a lot of inner strength. The video shows emotions one goes through before any important situation in life. It is mix of anxiety, nervousness, being shattered and bouncing back to face the world. With beautiful scenery from Goa and Kolkata in the background, the video message becomes even more engaging.


The first story is played by Deepika herself in which she is battling her fear before delivering a speech. She then decided to chuck the script and give the speech with a smile on her face and grit in her heart. The second story exposes emotions of a girl who is just to propose to the man she loves. The third one is about a guitarist who is going to take her first class in a primary school. She is nervous and she fears change but she chooses to be herself and sails through it only to win students' heart with her very first lesson.


The lyrical theme by Abhishek Arora adds to the purpose of the film and Amit Sharma does justice to the direction.



The video makes its statement that every individual needs to find the strength within themselves. It shows your fashion choices can be utilised only when you show passion and confidence in whatever you do.


It seems that girls and women on Twitter seem to love the video and have decided to make it their thought of the day or rather the thought of the week. With tweets like "made my day" and "this is a true inspiration" flooding on the brand's wall, it has surely achieved its purpose of motivating individuals to achieve heights.




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