Mr Pierce Brosnan, Why?Just Why?

Pierce Brosnan decided to lend his beautiful face to PAN BAHAR PAN MASALA!!


This man has worked with the likes of Halle Berry, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Judi Dench, Denise Richards including other established names in US and UK. He has been the face of luxury brands such as Reid & Taylor and Omega, but for some very strange reason, Irish thespian Pierce Brosnan decided to lend his beautiful face to PAN BAHAR PAN MASALA!!


Yes, you read that right. Pierce Brosnan, the man who had a bevy of women drooling over him, all thanks to the James Bond franchise, will now have a new fan base. They will be drooling too, but it will be pan-infused-crimson-saliva. 


News like this is what several trolls live for and they didn't disappoint here is a tiny sample of what the Bond had to face on Twitter.  



Chasing Money?


In the West actors tend to earn big money by endorsing brands in foreign countries. This helps them get the moolah and also increases their fan base.


Remember that scene from Friends, where Joey tells Chandler that, he is a big deal in Japan all thanks to 'Ichiban Lipstick'? 


But it's very surprising to see someone of Pierce Brosnan's stature endorse a brand like Pan Bahar. Not only is eating pan (a form of tobacco and a proven carcinogenic) dangerous , but it also consumed highly by labourers and villagers in India. Clearly a dumb move for the company and the actor as this is not his fan base in India. 


Marketing strategy!


'No publicity is bad publicity'. For Pan Bahar however, this move has worked wonders. With Pierce Brosnan trending all day on Twitter, they managed to get a lot of publicity. The actor who was basically out of limelight, is now basking in Internet glory and memes. 


After Hugh Jackman for Micromax, Brosnan is the second star from the West to endorse an Indian brand. However this time no one is proud of this "reverse brain-drain".






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