An Open Letter To Salman Khan By A Fan

Salman Khan


Dear Salman Khan, 


You have been a bully in the industry and unfortunately have been revered for it. You have a history of physical abusing your partners and killing animals and people alike. 


Even after this, we, the audience have never compromised on showering our love upon you. Don't you think that you owe some responsibility to us? The least you should be doing is watch what you speak.


I would like to quote you- "When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight."


Here, I would like to address two concerns. Your usage of English language, and your understanding of the idea of rape. Beginning on a lighter note, I would like you to go back to your English books and learn how to use adjectives, nouns and verbs. Rape is a noun which means having sexual intercourse without consent. What you probably meant was that your body had given up after tedious hours of shooting inside the ring. Rape is a term when one or more than one people hold you and penetrate your private organs even when you fight or beg them not to. I am sure that fighting in the ring, for something you will earn crores for, cannot be as bad as someone raping you. 


There goes the usage of the word used. Coming to the understanding of the idea of rape, Mr Salman Khan, you need to know that the body aches after such an unfortunate incident is not the only primary concern of a woman. A rape means touching private parts of someone, using pressure or force more than she can take and not respecting her body while you seek maximum pleasure out of it. Let me show you another aspect of the word, something you dared to use so liberally. Rape victims are different from victims of any other crime. Unlike other victims, rape victims are ostracised by society. Even when they are not, they can never see life the same way. They have regular panic attacks during nights, they lose their confidence and they rarely trust anyone after such a horrific experience. That is what it means to be a rape survivor.  Do you still think that not being able to walk because of muscle ache is even remotely close to being raped?


I hope not. You owe an apology and here is one on your behalf. Feel free to use it. "I, Salman Khan, have compared myself to be a raped woman. I should not have because what happened to me was nothing as traumatic as the aftermath of a rape. I should not use such sensitive words for something as casual as a film shoot."



Your former fan- Chhaya​




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