Twitter Mocks Sasural Simar Ka's Plot Twist

Twitter Mocks Sasural Simar Ka's Plot Twist


If the American television is witnessing its 'Golden Era', Indian television is most certainly experiencing it's 'Garbage Era'.


Sasural Simar Ka, a widely popular television show, introduced a twist so bizarre that even the top scientists at ISRO were baffled. Simar, the protagonist of the show has to save a fairy of Bharadwaj Parivar in a jungle (rolling eyes). Unfortunately Simar's mission fails and she is cursed to become a housefly by a meditating Baba in the jungle (WTF! ). Mind numbing? Yes!  Innovative? Hell No!


The makers of this show had it coming and the Twitterati duly poked fun at this dumb plot twist:







This however isn't anything new for the Indian television that has in the past resorted to lame ideas to keep the show going.


Generation Jump!


Kyunki Saas Bi Kabhi Bahu Thi


By the time 'Kyunki Saas Bi Kabhi Bahu Thi' entered its third year of production, the writers were clearly out of ideas, and to solve this problem they decided to take a 'generation jump'. But this soon became a habit and every time the writers ran out of ideas, they would introduce a new generation. But mind, none of the previous characters were killed, meaning by the tenth edition of the show, Baa was at least 500 years old and the Virani family had at least 100 living members.


Kasauti Konfusion Ki!


So Anurag and Prerna had an affair and a child, but a series of miscommunications keeps the couple apart. Anurag is now married to Komolika and Prerna to Mr Bajaj. But thanks to fate, their child now has cancer and the only solution is through a sibling (RIP Medicine). Take a bow Ekta Kapoor, only you could have thought of this crazy idea.


Kasauti Zindagi Ki!


Indian television has in the past produced several gems like 'Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi' , 'Kora Kagaz' and 'Mitti ke Rang', but if the current trend continues the day will soon come, when the idiot box will be dead and forgotten by the audience.





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