India hoists Tricolour at Wagah border. Creates a world record!

India hoists Tricolour at Wagah border. Creates a world record!


By hoisting it's National Flag at a height of 360 feet from ground level India has created a world record. This became an attraction for thousands of tourists who had reached there to watch the Beating Retreat Ceremony during the sunset. Even visitors from Pakistan’s gallery were seen watching the Indian flag with keen interest.


This is built with a budget of Rs 3.5 crores. The flag post was a project of Amritsar Improvement Trust Authority of the Punjab Government. India’s tallest flag post was inaugurated by Punjab minister Anil Joshi.


  • The flag flutters at a height of 360 feet - a world record.
  • The flag pole is made from 55 tonnes of steel at a cost of Rs. 3.5 Crores.
  • The flag cost ... Rs.60 lakhs.
  • The flag measures 120 feet x 80 feet.
  • To pull the flag up the pole, a hydraulic crane costing Rs. 60 lakhs is employed.
  • 12 such flags are kept in reserve to replace in the event of any damage caused to the flag. 

A very worried Pakistan protested claiming that the Indian flag flies beyond the zero line into their air space, demanding the removal of the flag. Mr. Anil Joshi has given Pak a fitting reply that India has every right to hoist it's flag on its land and no one can prevent it from doing so !


India has replied with proof that the flag pole is 200 metres into the Indian territory and therefore there is no violation of any kind. Watch the video here:





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