Another Kidney Racket busted

Mumbai Kidney Racket busted


Another batch of doctors passed out after taking their oath. While all the young doctors sincerely take the oath and wish to be successful some doctors in the country are becoming the reason why several people are now not trusting doctors. 


First it was Delhi and now in Mumbai. A kidney racket has been busted in the city and 15 people have been nabbed because of their involvement in the kidney racket.


What exactly happened? 


Brij kishore Jaiswal is from Surat and was in a critical condition because of his kidney failure. He was supposed to receive a kidney from Shobha Thakur. Thakur was not his wife but, with the help of forged documents she was posing as his wife, Rekha Devi


Shobha Thakur was actually selling her kidney in exchange for a sum of 10 lakh rupees. 


Now this is an illegal practice. It violates the 'Transplantation of Human Organs Act, the law that governs organ transplants in India. 


Another Kidney Racket busted


The racket kingpin 


According to the Mumbai police, mastermind of the racket is Bhijendra Bisen alias Sandeep who lures the poor residents of Gujarat to sell their kidneys. 


The most interesting fact however is that Bisen had been arrested earlier in 2007 when the biggest sale-transplant racket was busted nine years back.


The treating doctor, the hospital and the authorisation committee should scrutinise the donor and recipient. They can’t just rely on copies of documents. They are expected to interview and establish whether the relationship that the donor and recipient claim, actually exists. None of this happened in this case. The reason why the doctors have also been nabbed by the police. 


People arrested


Hospital CEO Dr.Sujit Chatterjee, Medical Director Dr.Anurag Naik and three other medicos Prakash Shetty, Mukesh Shah and Mukesh Shetye have been nabbed by the police. 


Another Kidney Racket busted


30 transplants that have taken place in the hospital, in the last one year, are under scrutiny. 


The whistleblower


Abid Sheikh was the whistleblower in the 2007 racket and this time also it was him. The 28 year old cook who lives in a tempo and helped the police this time as well. Sheikh has been moved to an undisclosed location because there is a life threat. His co-worker Sundar Singh was involved in the racket after he sold his kidney for Rs 5 lakh but got only 1.2 lakhs. He was then lured into the business by Bisen and he helped in recruiting patients for Rs 10,000 every month. Mid day has interviewed Sheik and this is what he had to say: 


"This was a high-profile racket, so I approached Rajesh Bansi Pawar, district president of Indian National Trade Union Congress (INTUC) who offered support. I got to know that Nadiad in Gujarat was the hub for selling kidneys and visited the place, but, couldn’t gather sufficient information from there." 


He later got all the documents from Basin's accomplice who helped him get all the forged documents of this case. He handed them over to Rajesh Pawar and therefore the accused were all caught red handed. 


Another Kidney Racket busted


Other recent cases


In June, a similar kidney racket was busted at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi. The mastermind, Rajkumar Rao, was arrested in Kolkata. 


In March, residents of Gujarat’s Pandoli village complained of being lured by a gang operating in Delhi and Tamil Nadu in selling their kidneys. The Gujarat police is investigating the complaint and has made several arrests.




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