Is Sex Just Another Tool To Propagate Patriarchy?

Is Sex Just Another Tool To Propagate Patriarchy?


"Everything in the world is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power." ~ Oscar Wilde


When the second wave of feminism grew powerful in America in the 1960s, an essay by Carol Hanisch called "The Personal is Political" made a very keen observation.


In her essay, Carol implied that oppression of women began at their bedroom and this was the reason why a woman had no control or rights over her sexual desires or birth control. Now you may dismiss this as an hyperbole by a feminist, but isn't it true?


In the movie 'Ishqzaade', an entire village is celebrating the arrival of Arjun Kapoor into manhood in the song "Hua chokra jawan re" (The boy has become a man). Arjun tricks Parineeti Chopra into having sex with him, but she is branded as a slut and he is hailed as a "role model"!


The Hypocrisy:


A woman is expected to remain "pure" before marriage but soon after the ceremony she is expected to produce kids by the dozen. But who gets to decide this? Her brother and father before marriage and her husband after it, meaning sex and sexuality has now become another tool to propagate patriarchy.


Instances of marital rape and date rape also reveal how a woman just means nothing to many men! Her consent or her approval almost means nothing!


Even with respect to birth control, there is a lopsided difference. A National Family Health Survey conducted last year showed that only 0.04% of men in India had undergone vasectomy as opposed to 50.7% Indian women who had undergone tubectomy. Meaning a man can have his cake and eat it too.


Spare us women:


There can't be a dual set of rules when it comes to sex. If pre-marital sex is a taboo for a woman, then it should be for a man too. Don't high-five your best buddy when he "scores". Don't label your female colleague or acquaintance as a woman with loose morals if she is having pre-marital sex or an extra-marital affair.




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