World AIDS Day: Durex launches "Umbrella with Raindrops" as the unofficial Safe Sex Emoji

World AIDS Day: Durex launches "Umbrella with Raindrops" as the unofficial Safe Sex Emoji


Ahead of World AIDS Day on December 1, a worldwide poll done asking the public which emoji should be closely associated with safe sex, the Open Umbrella with Raindrops has been finalized and launched by brand Durex on Monday. The unveiling of an unofficial safe sex emoji is the latest move in Durex’s ongoing #CondomEmoji campaign which calls for putting a safe sex emoji on every smartphone in order to help young people communicate about safe sex, the company said in a statement.


Volker Sydow, Durex global category director, said: “At Durex we believe that for this World Aids Day identifying the unofficial safe sex emoji is an important step that helps to empower young people to put safe sex back on the agenda, supporting the fight to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS. We are asking people to show their support for the cause by using this unofficial safe sex emoji and sharing the hashtag #CondomEmoji.


The International Planned Parenthood Association (IPPF) supported the #CondomEmoji campaign saying, “Safe sex awareness continues to be an important global challenge. We support Durex’s campaign in helping make young people think about protection. On World Aids Day we will be backing this effort to help raise awarness of the risks associated with unprotected sex.”


While more than 60 per cent of young people surveyed admitted to being uncomfortable discussing safe sex, 72 per cent of respondents admitted that they found it easier to express emotions using emojis and more than three quarters admitted that they use emojis to discuss sex and relationships,” the survey findings noted.





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