Why Eat Up The Start Up?



As the acquisition drive continues, Google has now acquired an interactive training app called Synergyse. The app was developed by a Toronto based entrepreneur of Indian-origin Varun Malhotra. Synergyse basically trains users with Google apps such as Gmail, Drive, Docs including others.


"Synergyse built a virtual coach inside of the Google Apps interface, built on Google Cloud Platform. With voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic within our apps, Synergyse will help your users get up to speed quickly — including when new features are rolled out."





The acquisition of this training app comes at a time when Google is planning to expand its services into newer (and untapped) markets such as India, Brazil, Pakistan and other third world countries. These emerging markets hold the key for the company's future and apps like Synergyse could train new users and maintain user interaction.


Why are software giants gobbling up smaller firms?


Not just Google, social networking giant Facebook has placed big bets on several ideas/firms/websites such as Instagram, WhatsApp , Oculus VR and Snaptu.


While several business analysts see this as a way of bigger firms coming to the rescue of smaller but financially poorer firms, other analyst see this a method of eliminating competition.


Oculus VR and Snaptu


Just like major football leagues who purchase star players of rival teams, bigger firms try to shut down upcoming ideas that have the potential of becoming a threat to their existence.


Secondly, the work pressure and uni-dimensional thinking at office kills fresh and out-of-the box ideas from employees and companies are forced to look for fresh ideas outside and end up paying exorbitant prices for fresh ideas.


Boon or Bane?


But what does this acquisition spree mean for entrepreneurs and engineers who are looks for ways to earn money by being self reliant?


Firstly, this trend may discourage several as it doesn't serve the very purpose of starting up a company. If bigger company is bound to acquire a smaller one, then several budding entrepreneurs with fresh ideas may refrain from starting a new venture.


However, for others it may come as good news. Banks and other financial firms refuse to fund fresh untested ideas and this can come a major setback for those who dare to make a change. If a bigger company invests financial security can be assured and the productivity can be increased.




With bigger sharks eating up smaller fish, only time will reveal if technological giants such as Google and Facebook sound the death knell for other smaller firms.





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