PM Modi Has His Eyes Set On Rural Development

PM Narendra Modi


“Build toilets so that no mother or woman is forced to defecate in open”, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that’s how he wants to call for a new development- rural development. Walking in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi’s assertion that ‘India’s true essence lies in its villages’; PM Modi laid emphasis on the development of villages, for the development of the nation.


On the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day, Modi called for upheaval of social development at places outside the national capital. So basically, he wants more people to be connected. 


“Bharat gaon mein basa hai (India’s true essence lies in the villages)”, once Mahatma Gandhi had said. Hence PM Modi wants to take the Central Government outside Delhi and focus on rural development.


PM Modi Has His Eyes Set On Rural Development


In the Budget 2016 proposal, major part of it was focused on agriculture and farmers, giving a boost to rural development. 


Modi proposes to narrow down the distance between urban and rural India. 


He feels ashamed of the fact that despite so much development in India, even today women are defecating in open. Hence he requested women representatives of villages to take a resolution to build toilets and not let any woman, sister, mother or wife defecate in the open.


Not only this, he also wants rural India to lay emphasis on education and urged every child in villages to go to school. 


PM Modi Has His Eyes Set On Rural Development


PM Modi asked gram panchayats to take advantage of government schemes and resources and work towards development activities that includes infrastructure development, construction of toilets, ensuring proper healthcare to prevent child birth mortality and provide better education to ensure there are no school dropouts.


“So far, the mantra of ‘enrollment, enrollment’ has been ringing continuously. But now focus should be on providing good education, quality education to those children who reach the schools,” the Prime Minister said.


In order to boost rural development, PM Modi suggested that each village should take up tasks to ensure farmers get crop insurance, water is preserved and digitalization is ensured.


The country has enough funds, be alert and make use of the funds to bring development to the villages, said PM Modi.


PM Modi Has His Eyes Set On Rural Development


On the preservation of water front, PM Modi in his radio programme ‘Mann KI Baat’ talked about how conservation of water is essential for the entire country. Expressing concern over the drought situation in the country, PM Modi said the government will do their work. 


“Preserve rain water”, said Modi hinting at the monsoon predictions of 2016 which says that India will receive 106-110% rain this monsoon. 


While pitching for water conservation, the Prime Minister cited how in Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace Porbandar, tanks have been built beneath the houses which are even 200 years old. He also gave examples witnessed at various places, like changing of the crop pattern in view of scarce water and adoption of sprinklers, drip irrigation, water harvesting and water recharging methods.


At last PM Modi sends out a clear message to his countrymen saying, “Let us collectively try to do something positive, try to talk positive and spread positivity.”


Point noted, Mr. Prime Minister.





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