Rohtak’s Double Rape: Pathetic Conditions Our Women are Living In

Rohtak’s Double Rape: Pathetic Conditions Our Women are Living In


A 20-year-old Dalit, a postgraduate student from Rohtak's MD University was first raped in 2013 in Bhiwani, around 50kms west of Rohtak, by five men, all in their late twenties. On July 13, the same five once again abducted the girl and gang-raped her, for the second time.


This is state of condition of women living in this country. After the news of the second-time rape spread, it has left the country in a state of shock.


Undoubtedly, the act is to take revenge against her and her family's firm resolve to seek justice for the earlier crime. But the preliminary question is whereis the justice? 


After the 2013 incident, the victim’s family had filed a complaint against all of them. What followed later was astounding, two were arrested but were soon out on bail, while three others have been roaming free, doing their work—threatening the victim's family to withdraw the case. Because of this, the girl’s family was forced to leave Bhiwani and move to Rohtak.


Not only is this a stunning evidence of the rising crime graph against women, it is equally an indicator of the daily insults and violence that the Dalits are subjected to. 


Rohtak’s Double Rape


This horrible violence on the woman scarespeople once again an already much-tainted national discourse. The governmental machinery is also not working, instead, they are creating powerful lobbies that encourage this kind of environment, especially against the weaker sections of society


This increased fearlessness has been visible in several recent cases, she said, particularly for Dalit women, who face sexual violence on an almost routine basis. “Just in the last two weeks, a five-year-old Dalit girl was also raped, as was a Dalit domestic servant, who was also mutilated and killed. Nobody has been arrested in any of these cases.This is how all the accused feels very over-confident and fearless. This shows the complete ineffectiveness of our system—administration and judiciary.


These are not issues for the political parties to fight on. It is the time for all political parties to condemn the act and take fast and stringent actions against the perpetrators, so that our women can walk out of their homes safely, in our country. 




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