Celeb Twitter Accounts Are Hackers’ New Target

Celeb Twitter Accounts Are Hackers’ New Target


It seems like hacking Twitter accounts is something hackers are really enjoying lately. Joining the league of getting an account hacked is our very own Ratan Tata, who had displayed surprise and shock over the incident.


After India's business tycoon Ratan Tata's account was hacked, "spurious tweet with malicious intent was sent. The tweet showed Reliance Industry chief Mukesh Ambani and Prime Minister Narendra Modi together, with the caption : Owner of Network 18 welcoming his employee to address people how (sic) cronies are going to halt inflation." Even Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal was mentioned in the tweet.


Celeb Twitter Accounts Are Hackers’ New Target

Soon after the tweet was put in public, his account was restored and an acknowledgement message by him cleared the air.


As we are on the subject, we bring you the latest hacks that took everyone by surprise.


- Twitter account of TRAI Chairman R S Sharma was hacked and was followed by obscene comments about him. "I like dum ways to doe because it is most funny" was the highlight of the show. Soon, a warning note by a TRAI official confirmed the hacking.


- Ironically, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's Twitter account was hacked on a Monday. Hackers confirmed that Zuckerberg's weakness was to repeat the passwords because they got his password after hacking his LinkedIn account. They tweeted, "you were in LinkedIn Database ... DM for proof". Although it was a brief period that his account remained hacked, it attracted audience globally.


- In August this year, the hackers did not even spare the Thalaivaa. Rajnikanth's Twitter account was hacked. The fans were in shock when the hacker had tweeted "Rajnikanth #HitToKill" from the superstar's account. The hacker was a techie who wanted to make the hashtag famous so chose Rajnikanth's account to do so. Later, Rajnikanth's daughter Aishwaryaa Dhanush confirmed the news of his father's account getting hacked.


- It was a surprise for many when Kamal R Khan's account got hacked. It was then that at a rare occasion he apologised to the public for the demeaning messages sent from his account.


- It seemed that the hackers were not even scared of Big B Mr Amitabh Bachchan, who happens to have more followers than the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His account was hacked with porn links being tweeted. However, it was Bachchan himself who confirmed the hack even before anyone got to know about it. He tweeted that his account was hacked and the hacker should try someone else as he did not "need it". 




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