India-France War Plane Deal Is A Strong Military Step, Here's Why!

India-France War Plane Deal Is A Strong Military Step, Here's Why!


India has a new defence deal with France and it is something that would attract both criticism and appreciation.


Monohar Parrikar and his French counterpart Jean Yves LeDrian finally signed a contract that will allow India to buy 36 Dassault Rafale twin-engine fighters. As the deal costed Rs 58,000 crore, only 15 per cent of the amount has to paid in advance.


The part of the deal that has been appreciated by everyone is that with spares like Meteor missile, it will be considered one of the most advanced equipment in the world. The warplanes are slated to be delivered 18 months after the deal is signed. After which the full payment of the deal will be sanctioned by the Indian government.


Also the fact that it is considered to be a very important deal in south Asia is something that India needs to defend its rivals like Pakistan and China. Parrikar gladly announced that such a weapon will help strengthen the war capacity of IAF.


The first Rafale warplanes are slated to be delivered roughly within 18 months of the signing of the final contract.


The deal has been met by criticism as the original requirement of the planes was as high as 126 jet planes. 


India-France War Plane Deal Is A Strong Military Step, Here's Why!


While it has been exposed to a lot of a criticism, it should be noted that it was a long awaited deal. The deal could not be signed between the two countries as India was hoping for a better deal when the proposal was put forward by the French counterparts in January.


The Rafale plane is a twin engine fighter airplane. Apart from combat, it is also capable of nuclear defence, anti-ship wars and basic ground support.


The nuclear part of the defence team is interesting for India as it will upscale the the previous fight routines like the Mirage fighters and bring India at the stronger position to fight.


The defence officials have repeatedly mentioned that the added components to the deal are way far better than the original deal that eventually makes them the best part of the deal.


India has an 18-month wait for the deal to mature. Till then it can be a good warning to the potential neighbour rivals for thinking twice before launching a proxy war. 




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