When Leaders Reveal Their Funny Side On Twitter

When Leaders Reveal Their Funny Side On Twitter


Bangalore police is known for using social media effectively, but with this tweet they have taken it to the next level.


City DCP Abhishek Goyal’s tweet showed that men in Khaki also have a funny bone.


Along with the photo of a car being towed, Goyal tweeted:  “Welcome to our Valet Service. Available even during peak rush hours. Leave your (car emoticon) anywhere & we will be there to serve.


But this is not the first time that Bangalore cops had chosen to show their funny side.


A year ago, a guy tweeted to the DCP saying that he had an idea about women safety and sought an appointment.


When the DCP gave him an appointment he replied: "Sir, I’m waiting outside your office".


Not taking any offence, the DCP tweeted: “come inside”.


But it’s not just cops who have been funny on twitter, even our PM has done it.


Earlier this month, after his first ever interview to a private news channel after becoming the PM, Modi tweeted: “Does the nation want to know what I frankly shared with Mr. Arnab Goswami? Find out 6 PM onwards on @timesnow.


The PM was taking a dig at Arnab who is known for his “nation wants to know” shouts during a prime time debate he hosts.


But many a times leaders themselves become the joke.


For instance, Modi wished Afghan President on twitter on the wrong day and twitterati wasted no time and went ahead on full swing to troll the PM.


But we are talking about seasoned leaders, do you think they’ll be cowed down by the trolls? Think again.


Happy Birthday President @ashrafghani… got the date right this time. .:)Modi tweeted, taking the earlier mistake with a sportsman spirit.


But it's not just Modi


Last month it was his colleague and External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj's turn. 


Replying to a Twitter user he said: "Brother I cannot help you in matters of your refrigerator. I am very busy with human beings in distress." 


But that is not all. 


"Media - pl avoid headline: Sushma skips Oath ceremony" her another tweet last month said. 


She literally slayed it and twitterati also took it with a smile. 


The list is long and includes Smriti Irani and Arvind Kejriwal among others. 


Leaders are slowly waking up to the fact that social media is great way to connect in the 21st century and they are also learning that the easiest way to open doors to the hearts of people is through good humour




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