Festive Mantra Of The Year: Cheaper The Better!

Festive Mantra Of The Year: Cheaper The Better!


It is the festive time of the year and there is more to it than new cloths, sweets and meeting your loved ones. It is that time of the year when you can buy anything online and it won’t burn a hole in the pocket. WMI brings you some suggestions, rather products, you can fetch this festive season and still save on your bank balance.


- All the gadgets lovers out there. Listen up! Philips Speakers at prices as low as Rs 1300  can be all yours. Don’t worry about the usual stuff as well. From phones to kindles, there is more than 30 per cent discount waiting just for you.


- With the gadget sale in full swing, how can online shopping disappoint the world of fashion. For all the fashionistas, it is the best time to scour all the designer clothes you have been craving for all year round. Websites like shopclues and Myntra have their stock ready with discounts as heavy 70 per cent. All you need to do is shop-buy-repeat.


- Got a new home? Or want to renovate it ahead of the festivals? Worry not, when the big bumper furniture sale is there on every online shopping website you want to browse. Beds at 40 per cent, sofas at 20! And the list continues. 


- During the festivals, one of the major goals is to buy a saree. Well, the discounts available on the saree only make it easier for you to do so. From designer sarees to tradional ones, 70 per cent discount is something that will make you ditch your favourite saree store in your city. Sarees across prices are available for you. All you need to do is simply click.


- Why should girls have all the fun. After years of stereotyping women with shopping, this bumper sale can help get rid of it this notion. It has a lot in store for the boys that can make them fall in love with shopping. Ranging from jeans to formal shirts, Myntra and Flipkart are the best stores you should look out for to satisfy your shopping appetite.




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