Indian Railways: When speed and fire killed many

Indian Railways: When speed and fire killed many


Among the latest train accidents in India, derailement of ten coaches of Jhelum Express, that runs between Jammu Tawi and Pune, left three people injured in Jalandar.


The authorities confirmed that the train was going towards Pune when the derailment happened during the wee hours of Tuesday.


Buses were arranged for the people  who wanted to travel ahead after the accident.


As the railway inspector remain uncertain about the accident, we look through the internet to find the most fatal train accidents in India.


  • May 6 2016 - Collision of Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram superfast express left at least seven people injured.
  • September 12, 2015 - the derailment of Kalka toy train invited an international attention as among those who died were two Britons. It injured another 13 passengers, who were also British, on train that had a total of 36 people on board.
  • May 4, 2014- More than 18 people died and 124 were injured six bogies of a train on the Konkan Railway route was derailed in Maharashtra. It derailed soon after it started from a station called Diva.
  • December 28, 2013 - Around 26 people, including three children, were killed in Bangalore-Nanded Express after a fire broke in one of the AC coaches of the train. The fire broke out when most of the passengers were sleeping. A few manages to managed to get out through the emergency window and finding rescue in the adjacent compartments.
  • 19 July 2012 - The collision between a local train and Vidarbha Express claimed one life and injured many others on the Mumbai Kasara route.

Indian Railways: When speed and fire killed many


While the primary causes of the train accidents remain fire breakout and collissions,  experts have framed some guidelines that can protect or rather reduce the number if train accidents in India.


Fire detection technologists is one the measures that can help save lives. Anti-collision technologies, like freezing the train in case it misses a red signal can prevent accidents. Experts also believe that new rail tracks, in many regions of the country, can reduce the number of derailment accidents.


Apart from this, manning the railway signals can avoid illegal crossing of the trains.


In an initiative, the railway authorities had introduced a program called Tri-netra in the engines of the Indian railways. It enables the driver to be intimated in case of any fire breakout in any of the compartments of the train.




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