Swathi Murder Accused Commits Suicide In Jail: How Safe Are Our Prisons?

Swathi Murder Accused Commits Suicide In Jail: How Safe Are Our Prisons?


Swathi's murderer's suicide won't arouse sympathy in most of us- for obvious reasons, but it does questions the security of the inmates of Indian prisons.


Ramkumar, accused in the murder of Infosys techie Swathi, allegedly committed suicide by biting the electronic wire of the prison. The body was taken to a government hospital where he was declared brought dead.


It was not the first time that he had attempted suicide. Earlier when he was about to be arrested, he had attempted suicide by slitting his throat. The prison officials have claimed that he had been given counselling to avoid this diversion towards depression and suicidal tendencies. However, on Sunday evening, he was found unconscious in his chamber and was taken to the hospital where he was declared brought dead.


Not many months ago, a similar incident had made headlines when Nirbhaya case accused Ram Kumar had hanged himself in the prison permises. Some reports claimed that his guilty conscious had taken a toll over his mental stability. Other reports claim that he was subjected to a lot of torture that led him to commit suicide that was facilitated by the prison authorities. Either of the situations question the security inside any high profile Indian prison. And Swathi's murderer's suicide has proven it again that something needs to be done to make prisons a more secure place.


Swathi Murder Accused Commits Suicide In Jail: How Safe Are Our Prisons?


Coming back to the latest suicide in the prison, it is reported that the kin have cried foul. Father of the accused has claimed that he was fine when he last met him on September 11. Ramkumar's father has claimed that it is a planned murder rather than a prolonged suicide.


Tihar Jail, that is the Asia's largest cell box, has seen more than four murders and suicides in the last one year than any other jail. The security of such jails is a joke because gang wars inside this jail are a routine. It was last year in May when these two gangs had fought inside the jail ending up incurring severe injuries to its members as well as other inmates.


Ramkumar's suicide can be taken as yet another case or a question on the security of prison inmates. The latter would definitely make judicial system more reliable.




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