WhatsMovingIndia (WMI) is a comprehensive Developmental program being governed by WMI Fellows. WMI Fellows are Spearheading/Designing Data driven Ecosystem model in Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Employment and Infrastructural aspects for Rural/Urban Low and Middle tiered population in INDIA. We are in the midst of a rare, fundamental structural change in Indian society. WMI determined to connect active Social Entrepreneurial Groups  in India to the people around the world and bring them all under the Umbrella of common Development Goal. Moreover with every passing year the objective of common Development Goal in India is giving million reasons to the people around the world to look into next emerging economy of phenomenal growth factor.


WhatsMovingIndia  International Vision

WMI international vision is to bring forward innovative idea of reforms in various sectors and let the people around the world become the part of this atomic growth cycle.


WhatsMovingIndia Mission

Thinking local, acting global: Unprecedented scale and reach


WhatsMovingIndia  Approach

WMI objective and approach to nurture leadership internally and among partners to achieve the goal of common development. Here at WMI we are innovating at Data level to measure growth scenarios and integrate these scenarios with Social Entrepreneurial Developmental program run by Youth and micro-finance them for development objectives.


Three point Agenda:

  • Innovate at Data Level.
  • Integrate  Youth with Data realized world.
  • Associate/Award World supported micro-financing to various Developmental Program. 



We welcome your comments and suggestions. Here’s a list of ways to reach us and get involved in WMI Comprehensive India Developmental program.


General Info/Inquiries:



Ideas & Suggestions:



WMI Fellow/Editors World: (* To become a Part of WMI Fellow Program)



WMI Senior Management: (* To become a Part of Decision Maker Unit in WMI CIDP Program)


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